Sunday, June 6, 2010

Take A Stand Program

I have been working hard the past few weeks to create my own 3 part program for my platform, Take A Stand: Standing Up Against Bullying. In the past, I had a special book I liked to read when explaining bullying to children, however I wanted to have a handout that would make it easy to remember our discussion long after I had left. Due to this need, I took the initiative to create my own pledge and bracelets to remind kids and adults the power of "taking a stand" against bullying. My bracelets are being produced as we speak and as soon as I get them I will post a picture for you all to see! I do however have a picture of my pledge, the first part of my 3 part pledge (as seen below).

The Take A Stand Pledge has four simple rules: Tell, Bystander, Kind, and Remember.
1. Pledge to tell an adult if I am bullied.
2. Pledge not to be a bystander if one of my friends is being bullied.
3. Pledge to always be kind to those around you.
4. Pledge to remember it is not your fault if you are bullied.

These are simple rules that I feel every child can understand and they fit perfectly with the book I read in each program that I mentioned earlier. Stop Picking On Me, by Pat Thomas is my favorite children's book on bullying. If you have not read it definitely pick it up for your children. It gives you the opportunity for an open forum to discuss this topic and it always excited the kids to be involved in my program. This is why it is the second part of my 3 part program.

I cannot wait to receive the last and final piece of my 3-tool program, the bracelets! As soon as I have them I will make another update.

Tonight we have mock interviews! Wish me luck!

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