Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Countdown to Spring Meeting

I have less than two weeks until I will be driving to Albany for spring meeting to turn in paperwork and start rehearsals for Miss New York! Before that though I will be incredibly busy. I will be attending an orientation for NYC Cares, a large volunteer organization in New York this Saturday. I can't wait to get involved in my community, I have missed that! I have attached a link to their webpage if you are interested in volunteering, which I highly recommend. I am also in the middle of applying as a volunteer with an anti-bullying group, so cross your fingers they accept!

We are also in the process of launching a website for Claire, Keelie and I. Claire Buffie, Miss Southeast New York, is doing a wonderful job with this and I can't wait to share it once it is up and running. It will give all of you the opportunity to read more about our platforms and what we are up to in the community, as well as pictures and links to various organizations.

I recently had a meeting with my director and we have nailed down my wardrobe for evening gown, swimsuit, and interview. I am excited to see everything coming together and am thankful for such an organized and supportive group of people I am with!

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