Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New York beginning to see the light!

While New York still has yet to pass any formal anti-bullying laws or put any specific programs in place, Mayor Bloomberg is beginning to take some action.

After vetoing the Dignity in All Schools Act (DASA) in 2004 and calling it "silly", the Mayor has finally begun to see that bullying and harassment truly does interfere with a child's ability to learn. Even though this is not a law or even an official program, it is a start. The initiative will require that teachers are educated on bullying and the signs of a child being bullied. Schools will also hang posters telling children how to report incidents as well as a leaflet they can take home to show parents.

I'm hoping this is just the beginning and New York will realize that this is a great start but not an ultimate solution to ending bullying in schools. Below is the link if you want to read further. Also, take a look at the sites I have linked about successful bullying and harassment programs.

I want to say thank you to representatives from Alabama who have recently adopted a formal anti-bullying law! They will be helping so many children in their state! To see bills up for discussion in New York visit bullypolice.com

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